Taboo Season 2
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In 1814, James Keziah Delaney, long forgotten and considered dead, arrives in London. The capitals of Britain do not affectionately meet their prodigal son. He has diamonds with him, which cost a fortune, and in his soul there is sadness and pain of loss - after all, he arrived just at his father's funeral. James wants to avenge his death, although he understands that he himself can become the target of killers. He inherited from his father a small piece of land in western North America. Despite its small size, this land is so well located that the all-powerful East India Company has long claimed for it, but the old Khoros Delaney was unshakable.

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For Stuart Strange to attach this site to the company’s ownership has long been not only a matter of money and influence, he wants to break someone else’s stubbornness that he doesn’t understand. James, having become the owner of Nootka Bay, forms a small flotilla and becomes a competitor to the powerful monopolist. Taboo Season 2 Torrent Download Delaney settles in his father's house, everything around reminds of the former owner, but the old servant is the only thing left of him in the house. Terrible dreams torment James, the African past does not let go of the brave young man, and Strange in his face will meet a much more dangerous opponent than he expects. It may well be that a company that has ruined hundreds of competitors will choke on a small bay.

1814 year. People in search of money and fame rushed to the most desperate adventures. So James Keziah was one of these adventurers, having spent many years in Africa in search of jewelry and gold. Taboo Season 2 Torrent HD No one knew or guessed where the desperate guy was now, neither friends nor relatives believed that he was alive. Only one father all the time knew that his son was alive and well and that someday he would return, proving to everyone his superiority.

And then one day this day came, James learns that his father died suddenly, having abandoned all his affairs, he goes to his hometown for his funeral. After so many years, he finally returned home not empty-handed, taking with him a bunch of diamonds that he mined in the hot countries of Africa. Just when he arrived in his hometown, James realizes that his father was killed for his profitable shipbuilding, which he raised from the very beginning. One company that competed with his father had long wanted to conquer this business. Now the guy wants to not only find and punish the killers of his father, but also to continue the dynasty, the work of his whole life, restoring all his labors in memory of his loved one.

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