Supernatural Season 15
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Supernatural Season 15 Torrent Download Once the Winchester family lived a quiet and peaceful life in the small town of Lawrence. But this happy life was destroyed at one moment, when the mother of little Dean and Sam Mary died in a terrible fire. The boys father John could not accept the death of his beloved wife.

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After conducting his own investigation, he concluded that Mary was the victim of a terrible monster. Since then, the whole life of John has become devoted only to one thing - the search for this monster. As if possessed, John travels around the country in the hope of finding and killing someone who did not spare his Mary. For many years of his hunting, he became a real professional in the fight against various evil spirits.

And sons John brought up like real hunters with evil. But grown-up Sam decided that he did not want such a life for himself. Supernatural Season 15 Torrent HD The guy went to college and tried to live the ordinary life of a teenager. Maybe he could have forgotten forever about the nightmares of his childhood. But one day something happened that made a guy change his plans.

Supernatural Season 15 Torrent With the next hunt for monsters, their father did not return. Dean and Sam decide that they must continue the work of their father and try to find him. Grabbing John's diary, they set off on an old car on a difficult and dangerous journey full journey, not even assuming with what they will have to face and what evil spirits they encounter on their way. But the guys are determined to find a father and try to find a solution to the mystery of the death of their mother.

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