Supernatural Season 14
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Supernatural Season 14 Torrent HD On November 2, 1983, the Winchester family happened to experience the terrible: a meeting with the nightmarish supernatural demons, who forever changed their fate. John lost his wife, left alone to raise two sons - four-year-old Dean and baby Sam. The father of the family is unable to forget the monstrous death of the beloved woman and the mother of his children, so he swore to avenge the sinister creatures. He chose the path of the hunter, who was tirelessly searching for various manifestations of evil entities, in order to destroy them forever. In a similar vein, he was engaged in the education of his boys.

Episodes: 1-20 of 20 full added 20 episodes

Year of release: 2018
Country: USA
Genre: horrors, fantasy, thriller, drama, detective.
Duration: ~ 00: 42: 00

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Subtitles: Russian, English

As the years passed, the matured Sam left his parental home to study at Stanford University, and for several years did not know anything about his relatives. Therefore, the visit of Dean, who reached Palo Alto to report frightening news and ask his older brother for help, was an unexpected and unpleasant surprise. Their father had not stopped desperate searches for a long twenty two years. Driven by the desire to get even for the death of Mary, he was looking for that monster, but recently mysteriously disappeared. The Winchester brothers will have a difficult journey full of anxiety and dangerous hassles — they must find out what happened to their father and hurry to it.

In order not to allow Lucifer to re-do evil on Earth, Dean Winchester agrees to become Michael's container and weapon. Having settled in his body, Michael defeats Lucifer, but does not keep his promise to Dean earlier: after the end of the battle, he does not return his body and will to him, but remains inside him. Now Mikhail is going to wander around the world, carrying out his vague plans: only he himself knows about what he is going to do with this universe, but his intentions are not so clear.


Sam Winchester now have to save his brother from Michael. For this, he is ready for anything, and his like-minded people will help him - angel Castiel, Bobby Singer, who came to this world from an alternate reality, as well as Nephilim Jack. Being the son of Lucifer, Jack constantly struggles with himself: he considers Winchesters and Castiel to be his family and always tries to be on the side of good, as they are, but at the same time his inner strength and power can play a cruel joke with him. The situation is complicated by his early maturity: as soon as he was born, he had already reached the age of fifteen, and now he did not always know whether he was doing the right thing.

Supernatural Season 14 Torrent Download Winchesters have already experienced many different adventures - they have been to Hell and Purgatory, have died, faced Death, God and Darkness. Now they are awaited by new, even more complex tests, and in some cases only the future of the whole world depends on them.

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