Stranger Things Season 4
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Intriguing, mysticism-filled story. Stranger Things Season 4 torrent hd brings to a small, provincial town to the early eighties, where a young teenager suddenly disappears in a mysterious, incomprehensible way. After a long, independent search, impatient calls to all relevant services, the unhappy mother, finding no comfort, turns to the help of the local sheriff, who opened a criminal investigation into the disappearance of a minor boy.

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Long, scrupulous investigations of the scene where the child last appeared, did not bring the desired result, it was decided to transfer the difficult task to higher authorities. The closest friends of the youngster, who are also worried about the fate of a friend, secretly start an investigation of the mysterious incident in their own adults, they go to look for traces in places of past games, supposed sites where a friend can hide.

Stranger Things Season 4 Torrent Download Inspired by the ineffectual combing of a nearby forest, the guys accidentally meet a strange, unsociable girl, who has amazing abilities to telekinesis and telepathy. Baby admits she knows about the problem, and where, at the moment there may be a boy. According to the stranger's assurances, the secret laboratory is directly related to the incident, where scientists found a way to travel to parallel measurements through an unseen portal. Much had to go through the characters, after a successful penetration into another, charming, frightening world. Nevertheless, together we manage to find Will, who received terrible knowledge about unknown beings inhabiting a different light, as well as the threat to the existence of a passage for humanity.

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