Shameless (US) Season 9
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Shameless (US) Season 9 Torrent What just did not happen in the life of the main characters, they tend to stay afloat. Chronic lack of funds and work did not break the numerous Gallagher family. Now Frank has managed to settle down for a while, and from the side it may even seem that everything has changed forever, but once again he flies off the coils. And after the death of his unbalanced ex-wife, Monica, with whom he wanted to start a family, he was completely lost in a frenzy of alcohol, and then he began to smuggle at all.

Episodes: 1-14 of 14 full added 14 episodes

Year of release: 2018
Country: USA
Genre: Drama, Comedy
Duration: ~ 00:55:00

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Format: AVI
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Fiona’s business is pretty good. She runs a cafeteria, later buys laundry and intends to set up her own business. True, at a certain point, everything did not go as planned and she had to sell the laundry in order to rent and sell apartments. But here, things are not so simple. At the young lady constantly having conflicts with tenants. And on the personal front, constant failures have become commonplace for the girl.

Shameless (US) Season 9 Torrent HD In the lives of other family members, there is also no happiness. Philip is studying at the university and trying to help the Sierra, without stopping to visit a group of anonymous alcoholics. Ian took up charity work and tries to attract to this sister, forcing her to provide homeless housing. Debora did not even suspect that she became pregnant again, but this did not prevent her from doing an extremely dangerous job, which resulted in injury. In general, the members of the family do not touch what, it does not have a positive continuation, but they do not hurry and do not stop trying to improve their existence.


Shameless (US) Season 9 Torrent Download Gallaghers have long been able to live in the same house. Thanks to perseverance and the desire to save the family from Fiona. Frank doesn’t care about children, fulfilling their own duties. He sits in an armchair for 24 hours and drinks his wealth. Another lady can not accept the ignorance of her spouse, and goes to her lover. Once alone with a whole generation of the family, he is lost. Previously, the main character did not understand the importance of having a woman in the house, which is why he did not appreciate his wife. But now all the responsibilities shifted to his shoulders something must change. But all progress ended on the very first attempts. He does not intend to be responsible for the fate of the offspring.

Every child feels abandoned, because of what he tries to find the best fate on the street, in the suburbs, or in eateries. The return trip to that poor house is ordered. The heirs of the Gallagiers gradually grow and turn into formidable representatives of the community. Some manage to become a gangster, control several areas of the city, others have given time to study the law and protect innocent people. After several years of irresponsible upbringing, the family fell apart. Is there really nothing in the world that could motivate the main characters to a new meeting and to solve long-standing problems?

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