Wonder Woman 1984 (2020)
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Maxwell is a successful and influential businessman. His love of money goes beyond all boundaries. Over time, Maxwell wanted to become the ruler of the whole world. Making a plan, the man goes in search of magical artifacts. According to rumors, one of the objects found will be able to give any person the power of a deity.

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Wonder Woman 1984 2020 Torrent Having gathered a team of assistants, Maxwell searches for antiquities. Accompanied by a man Barbara. The woman is a specialist with knowledge of antiquities. But despite this, Maxwell slips Barbara with an artifact that turns her into a dangerous deity. Now whether a woman, or a cat, craves blood and revenge.

Barbara's main goal is to destroy the mad tycoon. Woman continually feels a feeling of hatred for Maxwell. She is not going to stop at nothing. Maxwell is terribly afraid of the revenge of the former assistant. He is trying by any means to escape punishment.

Wonder Woman 1984 2020 Torrent Collecting supporters, Maxwell, intends to resist Barbara. With the help of several artifacts, the millionaire hopes to destroy the avenging woman. Endless pursuit, and the struggle for their own lives, leads every hero of the film. Barbara's hatred is growing every day, and it seems that Maxwell will not save anything.

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