Truth or Dare (2018)
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During a hot party, when the guests have already drunk a little and cheered up, you can play a fun game Truth or Dare 2018 Torrent. It is also relevant this fun will be if the company is bored and does not know what to do. Each participant comes up with a list of questions for colleagues in the game and options for action if someone chooses activity in order to avoid unnecessary embarrassment when answering.

College students gathered in a circle in an abandoned house and decided to have some fun with this game. Alcohol, jokes, laughter, awkward questions and challenging actions ... The guys did not realize that simple entertainment would turn into a deadly threat, because they were specially lured here to be taken hostage.

At some point, an inexplicable ominous force joined the company, and began to punish them for lying. As soon as one of the participants answers a lie or refuses to carry out the task, let him prepare for a brutal massacre.

Truth or Dare 2018 Torrent Ordinary life has become a nightmare, death can wait around the corner and every little thing will be its cause. From the terrible rules do not run away, do not deceive the evil, it remains to either obey and die, or find where it all began. Do the heroes have the slightest chance to survive or the whole company will perish in inconceivable torment.

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