The Commuter (2018)
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The Commuter 2018 Torrent The most ordinary day, which began like hundreds of previous ones, can bring the most unexpected surprises. The protagonist of the picture is Michael Woolrich. He works as an insurance agent, and he goes to work every day at his agency, which is located at a sufficient distance from the city center.

He always takes the same suburban train. For a long time, he had already practically memorized the faces of his standard companions. But one day, among those already studied, there appears a certain stranger that the hero has not seen on this train before.

The girl's name is Joanna, and she sits down next to Michael. Suddenly, this person offers the hero to take part in an experiment. For their participation, the man promised to pay 75 thousand dollars.

The Commuter 2018 Torrent He agrees, and as a result finds his money. But at the same moment he realizes that it was a bad idea to agree to participate in this game. Now his life is at stake, as well as the lives of all the other commuter train passengers.

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