Red Sparrow (2018)
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Red Sparrow 2018 Torrent The film tells about the history of the forbidden desires of two agents from different countries. They are on different sides, and must work against each other, but despite the circumstances, love originates between young people. Russian intelligence officer Dominika Egorova has special skills.

Red Sparrow 2018 Torrent She acquired them at a time when she was unnecessary in the profession she really wanted to serve. She dreamed of becoming a ballet dancer, but due to injury, she turned out to be incompetent. Ahead, the girl had a future full of uncertainty, but she didn’t become discouraged, and became a student of a secret organization.

Within the walls of this institution, Dominica learned to be number one in any, even the most difficult situation. With intelligence and cunning, she can gather the right information. She easily beats even the most intelligent opponent. She does not lose, and always brings her mission to the end. Soon Dominica will face a young CIA agent. Two irreconcilable worlds will suddenly encounter in the clash of technology and mind. As the tension increases, their passion grows.

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