Ready Player One (2018)
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Ready Player One 2018 Torrent The events of the film unfold in the relatively near future - in 2045. Planet Earth is experiencing, perhaps, its worst time. Chaos and confusion reigns in the world, mankind once again faces very serious problems. There is one outlet that somehow distracts the population from the sad reality.

Ready Player One 2018 Torrent More and more people are enthusiastically playing a game called OASIS. This virtual reality created a very extravagant scientist James Holliday. This person leaves a very original testament that can surprise anyone.

Its great state will be received by that user who is the first to find a digital “Easter egg” in the open spaces of the game’s universe. This quest, covers the whole planet, because everyone wants to find the right object, and get rich once and for all. The protagonist of the story is Wade Watts.

This guy does not have absolutely no data in order to at least in some way become a hero. But he also succumbs to general hysteria, and now his desire to find a given object is very strong. He is immersed in a virtual world that will give him new adventures.

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