Rampage (2018)
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Rampage 2018 Torrent Primatologist Davis Okoye prefers animal company to human society. One of his favorites was the alpha male gorilla named George. When George was 2 years old, Okoye saved him from poachers and now he felt responsible for a rare animal. The male of the albino gorilla also became attached to the scientist in his own way and seemed to understand him. Unexpectedly, an unauthorized genetic experiment is performed on the gorilla.

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Rampage 2018 Torrent Claire Widen infects primate with mutagenic serum. George began to grow rapidly and the nature of the animal began to change not for the better. He became aggressive and bloodthirsty. Primata decided to transport by plane to another area. During the flight, George broke free and lost control. Trying to catch his pet, Davis learns that the gorilla is not the only mammal that has mutated.

In the "arsenal" of Dr. Viden there is still a giant crocodile and a nine-meter wolf. The animals clashed with each other, during which the entire population of North America could be destroyed. Okoye teams up with Kate Caldwell, who can create an antidote for George. The task of the man is not only to prevent the Apocalypse, but also not to allow the military to destroy his friend.

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