Onward (2020)
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Imagine a world inhabited by magical creatures, not like ordinary fantasy characters. These creatures may look like wonderful dragons, unicorns and other equally recognizable mythical characters, but in fact all their “great” magic has long since faded away. Onward 2020 Torrent For example, the ancient fire-breathing lizards completely degenerated, turning into pets, not much different from ordinary dogs. Graceful unicorns completely ceased to embody nobility. Their horns are no longer a source of magical power, as numerous myths and legends usually describe.

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Now, with their inviolable “treasure”, unicorns are only raking garbage cans in the hope of collecting the remnants of food thrown away by elves, dwarves and other locals. The behavior of the once powerful creatures is more like the romp of evil and fussy rodents than the beautiful dance of snow-white winged horses. Realizing that this state of affairs is a consequence of the disappearing magic, the elf brothers decide to put an end to the surrounding lawlessness.

Onward 2020 Torrent They go in search of a small island of miraculous power, where, according to rumors, their beloved father once disappeared. However, the guys could not even think about what really was a heavenly oasis of genuine magic that could captivate everyone who managed to reach it. But, as you know, courage overcomes any obstacles.

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