Mulan (2020)
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Great China is in danger, because the Huns are militant nomads under the leadership of the cruel leader Shan-Yu, making their way through the Great Wall of China. All men are urged to go to war and defend the country, and this has affected the family of a young girl named Mulan.

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Her father is already quite old and has health problems, so he is undesirable to go to war and the girl understands this very well. Mulan 2020 Torrent The heroine, being the only child in the family, decides to take a serious step: she volunteers to join the Chinese army to defend the honor of her family and save the country, posing as a youth.

Mulan 2020 Torrent She looks no different from other recruits and everyone treats her like a guy. The only one who knows her secret is her little red dragon Mushu, the guardian of their family, whom she took with her. The girl learns all the intricacies of warfare, trains on an equal footing with men and prepares to defend China.

At first, it was quite easy for her to hide her femininity, because her father had taught her a lot since childhood, but it became more difficult after she saw her commander, a handsome and formidable man, Lee Sang, who was instructed to train new recruits.

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