Lady Bird (2017)
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Lady Bird 2017 Torrent In the Catholic school there is a girl whose real name is Christina. A high school student studying in Sacramento has a dislike for the city. She tries to change the inner world, is engaged in searching for the meaning of existence.

Lady Bird 2017 Torrent The girl wants to be a kind of kind, so she tries to stand out among her peers: she dyes her hair pink, changes her name to Lady Bird, considering it appropriate. Surrounding she asks to call herself by that name.

A teenager who is entangled in the world wants to leave the city limits, start from scratch, eager to get to the magnificent city of New York, because studying in a wonderful place of the planet is excellent and promising. However, the family does not currently possess the necessary financial resources. Christina herself has to pave the way to a brighter future.

To accomplish the goal, the student got a job in order to save the amount needed for the trip. But will everything go smoothly and smoothly? Will the girl be able to make plans into reality? Depends what happens only from her. The main thing - do not give up and do not give up. A dream must be fulfilled.

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