Isle of Dogs (2018)
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American animated film dystopia. In the future, Japan is suffering from "dog flu." In order to minimize losses and eradicate the disease, the authorities of the country decide on the relocation of dogs to a separate uninhabited island used as a waste storage site.

Atari Kobayashi is a kind twelve-year-old boy who has no friends at all. He is an orphan. His guardian is the greedy and cunning mayor of Megasaki. Isle of Dogs 2018 Torrent The only joy in the life of a child is his loyal faithful dog. They and Spotts are inseparable.

But the dog is overtaken by the same fate as other tribesmen. Atari is very upset by the loss, and decides to save his faithful comrade. On a small aircraft, he goes on a journey. There are many dogs on the island and when a child arrives, some of them decide to make acquaintance with him. Rex, Sheff, Boss, King and Herzog live in a landfill for a long time. They all dream as soon as possible to get out of this ill-fated place.

Isle of Dogs 2018 Torrent Having learned about the problem of Atari, they offer him their help. In return, he must release them and take them with him. In search of an escaped child sent to government agents. Now the main task of the dogs is to protect and protect the boy from these people. Will they be able to defeat the system and save Spotts?

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