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Hot Summer Nights 2017 Torrent Daniel had the opportunity to spend the summer holidays on the beautiful island of Cape Cod. The guy immediately agreed, he wanted to change the situation, to charge positive and impressions. So, he had a long journey, but he could not even imagine how intriguing it would be. Just arrived, he meets with his peer and drug dealer Hunter.

Hot Summer Nights 2017 Torrent The guys are trading in illicit drugs, but Daniel offers a different approach that could bring them huge money. It was at this moment that the guy falls in love with a girl of heavenly beauty, who is the sister of his colleague. From this moment, Daniel’s life resembled a cycle of crazy events. All this led to the fact that he was in mortal danger.

To win the heart of beauty you have to work hard, because Daniel has many rivals. So, it is necessary to attract her attention in some unusual way. Hot Summer Nights 2017 Torrent The very young nymphet likes Daniel, he is quite like the local arrogant guys. He could talk on any topic, since Daniel was well-read and well-versed in entrepreneurship. However, the main character was alarmed by the fact that the girl was free. It turns out that to meet with her, you need the approval of her brother-gangster.

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