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Gotti 2018 Torrent In the 1980s, one of the five American mafia "families" experienced the flourishing of its power. The duties of the head of the Gambino clan are assigned to John Gotti - a charming criminal with his own style. His capos control New York's maritime marinas, club owners pay him a feasible tribute, and business people employed in the construction business regularly send him a share of the proceeds. It was in his era that the mafia began to develop the drug market, which could become a real gold mine.

Gotti 2018 Torrent The feds grind their teeth, but they can't do anything: Don Gotti and his partners prefer to meet only in crowded places, at the same time displaying their perfect costumes. Audio recording is impossible, and the photos of the "friendly meeting" cannot be beaten. The FBI manages to put forward serious lawsuits against the “godfather” three times, but the accused manages to get off the hook.

Everyone knows where this person lives and what he does, but one cannot find evidence of his criminal activity. Gotti 2018 Torrent Moreover, no one even thinks to encroach upon the life of his son and wife — punishment will be swift and cruel. After all, this dandy of the criminal world for the sake of the family will go to great lengths.

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