Ghostbusters (2020)
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Ghostbusters 2020 Torrent Humanity is in danger. Otherworldly creatures managed to penetrate the modern world, and they decided to establish their supremacy in it. To do this, they begin to hunt for people, taking their lives in various ways. They manage to scare their sacrifice, drive them crazy and wait until human flesh endures ghostly pressure.

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Rumors about the appearance of ghosts and other terrible creatures from the other world quickly spread around the city. It sowed panic among ordinary people who know little about ghosts or do not believe in them at all. But the main characters dared to engage in battle with unequal forces.

A group of teenagers, consisting of four people, decides to prepare for confronting dead souls. They began to look for the necessary information that would help them cope with the enemy while remaining alive. Two girls and two guys are going to save all of humanity from being destroyed by ghosts, even if they have to pay for their own lives.

Ghostbusters 2020 Torrent They stock up on the necessary weapons and means to fight and declare war on all otherworldly forces. Friends understand that they have no right to lose, because all living things pin their hopes on them. Otherwise, the dead will reign on earth.

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