Game Night (2018)
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Game Night 2018 Torrent On weekdays, the three married couples are busy with ordinary activities, but when the weekend comes, they become different people. Friends spend time solving a detective game, presenting themselves as skilled detectives and criminals. Often they settle disputes, and the winner gets a significant thing.

Game Night 2018 Torrent Max and Annie are the most reckless couple, but when the man's brother asked to join them, they were not happy with this idea. Since childhood, the guys have competed, but the victory has always been given to Brooks, both in ordinary life and in the work plan. He is a successful investor, on his account there are several successful transactions that brought financial independence.

Max agreed with a special quest organization that will make the next game more realistic. One of the participants will be abducted, the remaining characters must find him, the winner will receive a new car as a reward from him. During the explanation of the rules, unknown persons burst into the house and took away the narrator himself.

The couple are confident that this is the beginning, and calmly allowed the bandits to take the guy away on an old truck without numbers. However, further events were increasingly striking in their realism, and they began to think that this was not a statement, and the man was indeed abducted and in danger.

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