Bloodshot (2020)
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Bloodshot 2020 Torrent Doctors conduct a unique experiment and with the help of modern technology they pull it out from the next world. Special agents from the FBI completely erase his memory. Special microcomputers have been implanted in his DNA, which will help the soldier’s body to quickly regenerate injuries and control various devices working on electronics. As a result, the former simple military man has become a real killing machine, which is almost invulnerable. He was called the Badshots.

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Bloodshot 2020 Torrent The government recruits him into their ranks and orders him to assemble a unique team of people with supernormal abilities. However, after a while, driving such a dangerous machine became much harder than the developers thought. The blodshot escapes, and is already free to plan a revenge plan for all the people who made him a terrible monster.

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