Blockers (2018)
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Three high school students decide to part with innocence at the prom. Meticulous parents will learn about their daughters' shocking plans and do everything possible to prevent this. Daddy and mummy is always hard going through the maturing of their children. And Mitchell, Hunter and Alice feel especially painful as the daughters move away from them and begin to show sexuality.

According to the deep conviction of the adults, their girls are still the silly innocent babes, and not the anxious females. Blockers 2018 Torrent Two men and a middle-aged woman decide to keep abreast of events and view the "hot" correspondence of schoolgirls in a social network. Though savvy graduates encrypt their messages, adults can soon understand the meaning of symbols and what they see leads them to holy horror.

Blockers 2018 Torrent Parents decide to accompany the girls at the prom, but schoolgirls manage to slip away from the annoying persecution of their ancestors. Kayfolomem has no choice but to rush in pursuit. For the sake of saving their girls from falling, they are ready to do anything: drive a car, exceeding all speed limits, participate in an alcohol competition, pry and put themselves in an awkward position.

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