Black Panther (2018)
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Black Panther 2018 Torrent Superhero can not be just like that. A person must go through some dramatic events in order to understand that now only his internal resources and hidden forces can save him. The protagonist of the picture - T Chala, learns that his father died. Now he must return to the space from where he once appeared in the world of people.

He needs to get to his home country, which is very well hidden from prying eyes and prying eyes. The African state of Wakandu, which is hidden from the world of people, has a very high technological development. Now the protagonist will become the new king of his people.

He is ready to follow his mission, but only as always, fate throws up extra problems. Suddenly his most evil enemy is declared, who is distinguished by his cunning and skill. It is better not to mess with him, because the confrontation with such a dangerous opponent will not lead to anything good.

Black Panther 2018 Torrent Not only Wakanda residents, but even people from the real world can suffer the consequences. On the shoulders of the hero falls the difficult task of trying to resolve all their problems.

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