Birds of Prey (2020)
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Birds of Prey 2020 Torrent The dark and dark streets of the city of Gotham still hide the risk and danger. Here, representatives of criminal structures, powerful anti-heroes and insidious villains roam everywhere. Each of them is trying to get power and conquer the world, threatening the security of a peaceful people. After the defender in the costume of a bat disappeared without a trace, the situation was heated to the limit and turned out to be critical.

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Birds of Prey 2020 Torrent The criminals remain unpunished, continuing to build villainous plans to seize the vast planet. The last hope for the salvation of the world becomes a special squad of saviors "Birds of Prey". The team is headed by the girl Harley Quinn, endowed with unlimited possibilities. In the fight against the dangerous villain, who appeared in the image of the missing Batman, a detachment of superheroes will join the defender.

Among them will be Cassandra Kane, the Huntress, the Black Canary, and detective Rene Montoya. Birds of Prey 2020 Torrent They will join forces and stand up against a serious enemy. To cope with the sinister ghost in a black mask will be completely difficult, but the girls will try to make maximum efforts.

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