Artemis Fowl (2020)
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Artemis Fowl 2020 Torrent The storyline of the movie tells about a twelve-year-old teenager named Artemis Fowl, who was born into a family of famous mobsters. The father, from an early age, taught the boy to be proud of the glorious criminal activities of the family.

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In his years, the child is not age intelligent, has a surprisingly resourceful mind, has a rare acumen and unconventional thinking. The future child prodigy of the entire criminal community of the world sincerely believes that there is an underworld where fabulous creatures live - gnomes, elves, trolls and many others who possess infinite wealth.

About two years ago, Artemis's dad went missing. A loving son is sure that all traces of the disappearance of Fowl Sr. lead to the underground kingdom. Artemis Fowl 2020 Torrent The teenager intends to return his father to his home by any means possible. He manages to steal a book containing magic spells with the help of deception.

The cheater works masterfully, and his faithful friend named Dvoretsky helps him in this. Together they secretly penetrate the magical dungeon. An unceremonious little boy decides to kidnap a local police officer to Elf Malaya and demands a generous ransom for the fairy, expressed in gold bars.

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