Aladdin (2019)
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East. Fairytale kingdom of Agrob. One young thief, whose name is Aladdin, escapes from the guards. With him runs his faithful and devoted, little friend, a monkey named Abu. And suddenly a guy, on his way, meets the most beautiful and sweetest girl. As it turned out, it was Princess Jasmine. The young man fell in love !!! From this moment the main character, all the time wanders the beauty. But he does not even suspect that fate had prepared for him what trials he will have to overcome in order to achieve his beloved's hand and heart.

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The adventure film Aladdin 2019 torrent for free tells us a fascinating story about a simple street thief living in the medieval east, in the majestic city of Agrab. Although he was a rogue and a pickpocket, but with a very kind soul and naive childhood dreams - to become a prince and marry the beautiful princess Jasmine.

Meanwhile, the main vizier of the Sultan Jafar learned about the existence of a kind of magical teapot, in which an ancient and powerful Djinn was imprisoned, fulfilling three wishes to the one who would free him. The selfish and power-hungry official passionately desired to take possession of the magical artifact, hiring the best bear cub for this, and sending him to a place called Cave of Miracles, where it was rumored to be a lamp. However, the messenger disappeared and did not return, since only a chosen person - an “uncut diamond” could enter a sacred place. By the will of fate, he turns out to be the impoverished rogue Aladdin, and upon learning of this with the help of a dark ritual, the vizier orders him to be thrown into prison.

Aladdin 2019 Torrent Watch Pretending to be a prisoner, Jafar persuades the hero to get the coveted lamp from the cave, and in return promises untold wealth that has been stored there for many millennia. In support of his words, he shows jewelry and a secret exit from prison, to which the young man gladly agrees, however, he still does not know what difficulties and exciting adventures await him ahead, because, as they say, the east is a delicate matter.

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