The Outer Worlds 2019 PC
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The Outer Worlds 2019 PC Torrent The plot tells about a group of cosmic colonists who went to a distant planet on the edge of the galaxy in order to colonize the planet. However, during the trip, something went wrong and as a result, a part of the colonists left the cryostat 70 years from the date of the required date. When the hero came to his senses, he saw that the planet had long been colonized. The group will have to figure out what went wrong, what caused the breakdown of their cryocapsules, and also why the inhabitants of the planet are in a confrontation with one powerful corporation.

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Game process
The Outer Worlds 2019 PC Torrent The game is an exciting RPG with elements of a shooter and a view from the 1st person. As the game progresses, you will complete quests, surf the universe in a spaceship, fight opponents, and solve puzzles. In the game, all actions taken are reflected in the development of the plot. In the process of performing tasks, the main character can acquire various qualities and skills, and not all of them will be positive.

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