Shenmue III 2019 PC
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Shenmue III 2019 PC Torrent The plot of the game: In the center of the plot of the story will be a young guy named RyoHadzuki, who recently lost his father. The boy learned that his father was killed by a mysterious man, on whom the main character will now hunt.

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Features: The game is probably good because it combines several game genres, including: action, RPG, adventure quest, and all this happens in an open game world.

The whole game revolves around the story campaign, no multiplayer in Shenmue 3 will not. The main task of the game is to perform basic story missions and, if desired, minor tasks for which you can get additional bonuses, for example, experience points.

Shenmue III 2019 PC Torrent The game has the opportunity to play various mini-games on the slot machines, and if you wish, you can communicate with various non-game characters who will be abundant on your way.

Shenmue III 2019 PC Torrent During gameplay, you will meet tasks by type QuickTimeEvents. This means that at a certain point, players will need to quickly press the keys, which will be displayed on the screen, in order to ultimately perform one or another action necessary to move along the storyline.

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