Gears 5 PC 2019
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All game events take place in the fictional world of the Gears of War universe. The main events of the fifth part occur after a while after the events of the previous part of the series. This time, gamers will have to take control of a girl named Kate. Players will go to fight with dangerous enemies and participate in dynamic skirmishes. In the last part of the earthlings managed to defeat the Locust Horde, but the problems for human civilization did not end there. Gears 5 PC 2019 Torrent For a while, they literally rebuilt the shattered world, but then a new, more dangerous enemy appeared, which literally shook the whole world.

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As in the previous parts, the gameplay is made in the format of a first-person and third-person shooter. The authors of the project are focusing on a variety of tasks and dynamic exchange of fire in large and corridor locations. Players will plunge into an interesting story and take part in bloody battles with dangerous opponents. Gears 5 PC 2019 Torrent During battles you can use the surrounding shelters. In the fifth part there will be even more types of weapons and a more developed melee system.

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