DOOM Eternal 2019 PC
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DOOM Eternal 2019 PC torrent is a three-dimensional first-person shooter on the PC, which received elements of horror and RPG. This is a continuation of the acclaimed horror series of the Doom universe.

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DOOM Eternal 2019 PC Torrent In all previous parts of the series, the main plot events took place on Mars. Now, developers will transfer players to Earth. As a result of scientific experiments on the planet, unique portals appeared in other worlds. Scientists tried to explore these portals, but all was in vain. It was only clear that the portals lead to uncharted worlds. After some time, monsters, demons and monsters began to appear from the portals.

They killed everyone and everything. The government has activated a special program designed to protect humanity. The participant of this program is our hero. This is a modified super-soldier with advanced health, skills and abilities. Try to destroy all the monsters and save the planet from the invasion of demons.

In the new DOOM Eternal 2019 PC torrent will be a new game engine. However, in general, the concept remains the same. It will be all the same dynamic shooter with shootouts, skill development and other chips. You still have to fight with a bunch of monsters, perform a bunch of tasks and save the whole world. You will have powerful weapons and unique abilities that will help to destroy demons faster.

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