Detroit: Become Human 2019 PC
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Detroit: Become Human 2019 PC Torrent The world has changed dramatically in 2018. Elijah Kamsky was finally able to create in the full sense of the word a living analogue of man. In pursuit of the best, he created a whole company, which began the production of androids. They do not differ from people in appearance, with the exception of the LED ring at the temple. However, Kamsky did not take into account the human factor when launching mass production of robots. Corporations quickly took into account their capabilities and began a total reduction from everywhere.

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Ordinary people, who lost their jobs with the advent of androids, began to hold all sorts of meetings and protests against the new "neighbors." Robots began to succumb to total pressure from ordinary citizens. All this has led to some robots getting out of control. They began to be called deviants.

Gameplay is a little different from other games of Quantic Dream. Players will once again be directly involved in watching the interactive "movie." You will have to pass the storyline in the role of three androids. The game does not force players to use intricate combinations on the keyboard. It all comes down to exploring certain locations, conversations with characters and making certain decisions on their results. The main focus is on the choice of actions of the main characters, more precisely on the diversity of this choice.

Detroit: Become Human 2019 PC Torrent Judge for yourself, under certain circumstances, the heroes may even die from your decisions. Each of your choices creates a new twist to the plot that will not turn back. Among the heroes is Connor, who, along with detective Anderson, is on guard of law and order.

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